The Ascent Roadmap

We wanted to share with you what we have coming up for The Ascent!


To celebrate the Lunar New Year and our love for the Cyberpunk style, we‘re providing all players with the Chongqing Pack for free! Released to Steam on 27th January and coming soon to Xbox. 

Happy Lunar New Year to all Cyberpunk lovers! 

The Chongqing Pack contains:  

  • The Interhabber Shades: Worn by Habbers that have seen the world, this piece doesn’t come cheap, but you’ll look amazing and that’s all that matters
  • The Distant Goggles: A very sightly set of goggles. The style has become popular outside of the Arcology and is finally getting more available here as well. Goggle shortages, am I right?
  • The Moon Jacket: This won’t stop bullets, but it will stop others in their tracks, as they gaze upon your magnificent Moon Jacket  
  • 2 new tiger-themed Shirt skins: Tiger and Tiger White
  • And last but not least, the 2 new weapons skins: Tiger and Tiger White! 

To unlock the Chongqing Pack for free, click download here on Steam and find the items by vising the relevant vendors:   

  • Go to any Armor vendor to unlock the Interhabber Shades (13,300 ucreds), the Distant Goggles (16,500 ucreds) and the Moon Jacket (22,000 ucreds).
  • Go to any Grafter to apply the Tiger (free) or Tiger White (free) shirt skin. 
  • Go to any Gun Smith or any grafter to apply the Tiger (free) or Tiger White (free) weapon skins. 


The Ascent is the first game to use Altered’s augmented voice technology, a new AI-powered tool to augment human voices to create a range of custom voices for new lines of dialogue. Previously, for some of our NPC’s especially for side missions, we had used Alien voices with subtitles. We partnered with Altered to create real voices for these characters to make the world of Veles feel even more alive! Altered have helped us in voicing over 800 lines voiced by 40 NPCs using their ground breaking technology.

If you’re a developer and interested to learn more about their software, you can check it out here.


The Winter Pack is now for free on Steam and Xbox, so get festive with the following new content:

A new makeshift hand grenade:

  • Snowball: Throw with the intent to stagger but not kill – to be jolly but not homicidal. A snowball fight is always fun and games, until someone loses an eye. Remember, play ice!

And three new fashion apparels:

  • Buttercup headgear: ‘Tis the season of strange on Veles. Horrible visibility, highly flammable and with questionable street cred.
  • Red Danger headgear: Warm your nose and make a statement to boot. A bright red nose like a true alpha, and antlers for immediate intimidation. Don’t listen to the fools that say you look silly.
  • Festive shirt: A festive Winter T-shirt


CyberSec Mega, the largest mil-tech manufacturer and main supplier of CorpSec, have released a brand-new set of weapons, tactical gear, armor, and animated skins.

The CyberSec pack is available now on Steam and Xbox. Disclaimer: This pack is not for the faint-hearted.


Transmogrification (commonly referred to as Transmog) provides the ability to replace the appearance of your armor with other items, or to hide certain pieces of armor. You can now do so in The Ascent by visiting the Stylist, who can be found in each safe-zone: Cluster 13, The Node and Arcology Highstreet. For a small fee, the stylist will allow you to transmog any armor item currently equipped and replace its appearance with the chosen transmog. If your new look is becoming outdated, you can always reverse your choice, and select a new look!


Want to pay a visit to the Punk Bladder, but without all the heavy armor, just as a regular Habber? Now you can! We’ve added eight new fashion items for you to experiment with the new Transmog feature and recently added photo mode.

  • Street Cap
  • Habber Cap
  • Street Headset
  • Habber Shirt
  • T-shirt: Blood Direct
  • T-shirt: 2 Blob 3 Blob
  • Slick Trousers
  • Habber Jeans


To thank everyone in the community for their continuous love and support since we launched The Ascent, we’ve also added two new shirt skins and ten new weapon skins, so get customising, and remember to share your new styles with us with Photo Mode! Please note we’ll keep working on Photo mode and improve it in future patches.


  • Greentooth (shirt skin): unlocked by default in the character creator
  • Feed (shirt skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)


  • Greeny (weapon skin): unlocked by default in the character creator
  • Junkyard (weapon skin): unlocked by default in the character creator
  • Dark Tech (weapon skin): unlocked by default in the character creator
  • Bubbles (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Dots 01 (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Gold (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Leo (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Pink (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Old Silver (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)
  • Old Faithful (weapon skin): can be found in loot drops (enemy drops or crates)


To celebrate Halloween and the Steam Halloween Sale, we are releasing a Halloween Pack for free for all players. You can download this pack on Steam by visiting this page. For players on other platforms, this content will automatically unlock as you download Patch #4 update.

The Halloween Pack contains:

  • The Jack o’Lantern headgear
  • The Skeleton shirt
  • A Skull Face Tattoo

If you would like to read full Patch Notes you can do so here –> THE ASCENT – PATCH NOTES – Curve Games

Many thanks in advance for your continued support,

The Ascent Team