The Royal Turnip needs rescuing!

A modern take on the classic arcade arena shooter. Taking inspiration from an entire generation of action games, Iron Fisticle builds on classic titles like Gauntlet and Robotron while adding over 100 collectible items, an RPG style upgrade system and local multiplayer.

What People Say

“Iron Fisticle gets the gameplay right. The raw connection between you and your avatar, the movement speed, the responsiveness of the controls, the sound effects and the satisfying splatters of viscera every time your axe hits home.”

8/10 – Dealspwn

“Iron Fisticle is deep, challenging yet rewarding. And while retro-inspired, borrows many modern elements that makes it stand out from the pack: the beautiful art, the co-op, and the ways to improve your character. This this a labor of love worth delivering.”

4/5 – Saving Content

“Mix Gauntlet with Smash TV, add in a dash of Ghouls n Ghosts, and stir with a rogue-lite… Iron Fisticle is a game that offers tributes to a lot of classics.”

8/10 – Games Fiends

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