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The kingdom of Fahrul needs you!

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For The King is a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Set off on a single player experience or play cooperatively both online and locally.

What People Say

“A sometimes tricky RPG with gorgeous art that's perfect for co-op.”

PC Gamer – 7.5/10

"One of the most enjoyable roguelikes of recent years."

Metro – 8/10

“If you're a fan of tabletop RPGs and have a couple of sadistic pals to keep you company, it's a Kraken little game that's sure to delight "


“A unique blend of tabletop inspired RPG gameplay and engaging multiplayer."

Dualshockers – 8/10

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Strategy, RPG

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IronOak Games

IronOak Games

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