Block’Em! is a fast-paced, block-building party game where players compete to be the last Blocky standing

Today, Curve Games is excited to announce its latest partnership with Cat Shawl Games (formerly known as Wimasima), to publish the fast-paced, block-filled multiplayer title Block’Em! This classic action-packed 2D platformer promises to push friendships to the brink.

“Cat Shawl Games is very excited to have Curve as our publisher! Their taste in games matches Block’em! perfectly,” says Cat Shawl Games’ Studio Lead, Rasmus Östlund.

“With Curve, we feel safe in the long-term support for our little game, which has been one of the main concerns during development. We believe that together we can ensure that Block’em gets to be all it can be.”

“At Curve Games, we are delighted to continue our support of talented, indie studios across the globe to publish unique and exciting titles,” says John Clark, CEO of Curve Games. “Block’Em! looks set to be a hit and we can’t wait to see what players think of the game!”

Cat Shawl Games is part of the Aurora Punks collective, a collaborative group working to make innovative, fun and playful titles, and Block’Em! is one such game.

This news follows recent partnerships announced with Pixadome, Eat Create Sleep and Triangle Studios.