New Forest Level OUT NOW. Sound the new free level klaxon!

Today, brand new level Forest arrives in Human: Fall Flat on Steam, Xbox, Windows 10, Switch and PS4. This Worldwide Workshop competition-winning dreamscape offers more than your average camping trip, with crashed planes to clamber over, heavy machinery to control and cold climate conundrums to solve.

Designed by community creator Jack, the new Forest level to grab your friends and head out on a woodland tour with a difference, jam packed with fiendish minecart puzzles, mountain climbing and massive ravines to cross.

What’s more, Human: Fall Flat is receiving a host of updates across many platforms. Not only is Human: Fall Flat now available on Xbox Series X|S, but a new update enables players to crossplay with friends on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10. Owners on Windows 10 will also find their game massively expanded from today with the levels Thermal, Factory, Golf, City and Forest added. When players next launch their Windows 10 game, a prompt will inform owners to download the brand new, updated version absolutely free*!

Last but not least Human: Fall Flat will be heading to PS5 later this June, complete with Haptic Feedback where subtle tension in the triggers transforms the feeling of climbing, swinging or moving heavy objects.

There are now 17 levels in Human: Fall Flat, and we’re still not done! We have lots of plans for the rest of 2021 including new level releases and skins all coming to your game, at no additional cost. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter @HumanFallFlat, our Discord channel here, or watch the latest trailers on our YouTube channel here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Human: Fall Flat community who help shape the future of our game.

* Please note that save progress and Achievements will not carry over to the new Windows 10 version.