Your Lawncare business is booming!

The Resident Contract Patch has landed!

New Coville Street contracts has caught the attention of the neighbours, and you’ve got new contracts as a result!
With this patch there’s now over an hour of new contract gameplay across three new contract locations on Coville Street.

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some quality of life improvements:

  • Fixed an issue whereby the player found it difficult to end the contract without re-parking their mower
  • Fixed an issue where the mower may instantly become destroyed when colliding with the wrong object
  • Fixed an issue where the pickup truck might clip into the scenery on the Test Drive location
  • Fixed an issue where some contracts weren’t appearing in career mode as early as they should have been
  • Fixed an issue where some stone paths were extremely and unnecessarily bumpy

If you spot a new bug or issue in your game please report that to the official Discord