The Creator of Kerbal Space Program Brings the Ultimate Model Vehicle Construction Platform to Life

Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive are thrilled to announce that KitHack Model Club, the ultimate model vehicle construction platform, is now available via Early Access on Steam.

The Early Access launch allows players to help shape the game’s path. As the small team of three at Floating Origin prepares for a full release in August, they are working closely with the community to decide on the most important improvements and iterations the fans would like to see.

KitHack Model Club is developed by the creator of the critically acclaimed and award-winning original Kerbal Space Program. The game is a true sandbox, allowing players to create air, land, and sea vehicles from endless combinations using a wide variety of components. Players can share and test vehicles or challenge friends to an RC dogfight! Full Steam Workshop functionality is also available for sharing and exploring other models. 

KitHack Model Club 1.0 will be released on Steam in August 2024. To learn more about the game, please visit the official Steam page and follow on X, Reddit, and Discord.