Humans, it’s time to limber up for Lumber.

Human: Fall Flat's newest level - Lumber has arrived!

Timber! Humans, welcome to the great outdoors and a woodland adventure of a lifetime.

Our new level, launching today, is a physically arduous take on the woodland adventure weekend complete with river rapids and very capsizable boats, a vast canopy to clamber, climb, catapult and careen through and just a smattering of massive forestry machines to hitch a ride on.

This Workshop design was the evergreen vision of community creator David Nielsen and brilliantly mixes familiar Human: Fall Flat elements, such as power cable puzzles, with some very fresh innovations – the undoubted highlight of which is its hilarious take on white-water rafting. Grab up to seven of your most outdoorsy mates and get ready to feel the texture of bark under your fingers and the spray of water on your face.

To celebrate Lumber’s release, not only can you save 66% on Human: Fall Flat right now on on Steam, but we’ve also updated the Human: Fall Flat Soundtrack with the incredible Lumber score, taking the total number of tracks up to 21, with the new tune added absolutely free for existing soundtrack owners.

There are now 19 fun-packed levels in Human: Fall Flat plus hundreds more in the Steam Workshop, and more to come! Keep up to date by following us on Twitter @HumanFallFlat, our Discord channel here, or watch the latest trailers on our YouTube channel here.