Get an early look at 2022’s best multiplayer game!

Join the March playtest and play Golf Gang right now!

Play your new favourite golf-based racing game before it launches in 2022: the Golf Gang March Playtest is LIVE!

To get in on this week-long playtest, all you must do is go to the main Steam store page of Golf Gang and scroll down the page to the section that says, “Join the Golf Gang playtest.” To register your interest, just click on the button that says, “Request Access.” You’ll then be emailed once access has been granted. In order to start whacking your ball up and down the greens of Golf Gang, just go to your Steam library, download the “Golf Gang Playtest” app, and then hit “Play.” 

Once you do hit that big green Play button, you can swerve around the giggling pumpkins of Haunted Hollow, you can dodge the windmill blades of Autumn Breeze, and you can glide over the sunkissed seas of Sandy Shores: every course that Golf Gang has to offer at launch is yours to play right now. 

Likewise, you can get to grips with the creativity of Golf Gang’s multiplayer modifiers by messing around with combinations. Marry Cockpit with Vroom for maximum adrenaline-fuelled events; go where no golf ball has gone before by integrating Low Gravity and Jump; or stick Growth Spurt and Explosive Collisions together for pure mania. 

The Golf Gang March Playtest will end on March 21st, giving you plenty of time to see why Golf Gang deserves a place on your Steam Wishlist. 

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