Dice Gambit

Dice Gambit combines tense turn-based action with a stunning hand-drawn art style for an exciting new gameplay experience

Curve Games is delighted to announce its latest partnership with indie development studio, Chromatic Ink ahead of the launch of its compelling new project, Dice Gambit (working title) for PC.

The Chromatic Ink team consists of three talented developers who have combined forces to create a game that provides a unique take on the turn-based genre. Players will navigate a hand-drawn neo-renaissance metropolis at the roll of the dice while navigating unique mechanics and battling foes.

Anton Pilmark, CEO of Chromatic Ink, commented “We’re so incredibly excited and thankful to journey forwards with Curve.  With every step since the first meeting, it became clearer that this was meant to be, so we’re confident this will be a beautiful and fantastic partnership”

“Anton, Joshua and Nina are an incredibly talented team of developers, and we are delighted to be able to work with them to bring Dice Gambit into our roster,” said John Clark, CEO of Curve Games.

“Dice Gambit is a unique and exciting take on the tactical turn-based genre, and we can’t wait to see how players choose to tackle the game when it launches.”

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This news follows recent partnerships announced with Cat Shawl Games, Pixadome and Eat Create Sleep.