Blooming Business: Casino Demo Playable now!

We’ve been working on re-opening our public demo for you to enjoy!

Start with a new level that’ll help grasp the basics of the game. Then, to make it a little more challenging, play The undercover level and experience fun narrative beats.

What to expect for the demo?

  • Manage your own casino. From HR to PR, design to operations. You have as much control as you want.
  • A gleeful retro world filled with charm and animal characters. Learn more about their personalities, ambitions and keep them happy and productive.
  • Attract various types of customers, from tourists & police officers to mobsters, they all have distinct looks… and competitive tastes.
  • Meet unique VIPs, Nat the Police officer and Tony the mafia boss. They are way more exigent than the other clients!
  • Which side will you join ? The Police or the Mob ? The level will ask you to choose.
  • Monitor everyone’s specific needs and expectations. If you want to make profit, you will need to make sure that clients are happy!
  • Customize and decorate your casino. Invest in new slot machines and decorative items.
  • Research new games, cocktails and decorations to maximize your client’s satisfaction and advance the story.

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Trailer: (157) Blooming Business: Casino – Trailer [ENG] – YouTube