Autonauts vs Piratebots – WISHLIST NOW!

Automate to defend! Defend to automate!

Grave news! Piratebots are kidnapping Autonauts and taking over our automated settlements! Only you can rescue the innocent, repel the raiders, remove the invaders, reclaim your resources, and resume control! And only through the power of automation! 

Existing owners of Autonauts will be eligible for a 50% discount at launch for two weeks! So, what are you waiting for? WISHLIST NOW: 

You are Captain of the Autonauts Defence Force. You receive a distress signal from a nearby planet: a Piratebot invasion! You arrive to find that Pirate Bots have obliterated the base camp and taken control of the working outposts and industries. 

To win, you must destroy the Space Pirate Boss – “The Dread Pirate Robot” – whose heavily-defended fortress lies on the other side of the world. Standing between you and the ultimate showdown are hundreds of scurvy Pirate Bots commanded by The Dread Pirate Robot’s trusted Boss Mates. 

You may have played Autonauts before, but never like this. It’s a whole new game of automation and strategy for novices and veterans alike! 


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