Lawn Mowing Simulator – Patch Notes

It’s certainly been quite a ride since launch, and we’d like to thank you for your continued support and for continuing to give us your feedback!

From all of the team, a massive thank you to all of our players for support and feedback!  We’re committed to continuing to improve Lawn Mowing Simulator and your feedback in our Discord server, as well as on the forums and on Twitter, is really appreciated! 

March 31st 2022 – The Resident Contract Patch has landed!

New Coville Street contracts has caught the attention of the neighbours, and you’ve got new contracts as a result! With this patch there’s now over an hour of new contract gameplay across three new contract locations on Coville Street.


We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some quality of life improvements:

  • Fixed an issue whereby the player found it difficult to end the contract without re-parking their mower
  • Fixed an issue where the mower may instantly become destroyed when colliding with the wrong object
  • Fixed an issue where the pickup truck might clip into the scenery on the Test Drive location
  • Fixed an issue where some contracts weren’t appearing in career mode as early as they should have been
  • Fixed an issue where some stone paths were extremely and unnecessarily bumpy

January 19th 2022 – Patch Notes v1.0.10.0

Update patch (bug-fix) is now available on all platforms


  • Fixed an issue where the Knight OFT mower occasionally spawned in an incorrect position 
  • Fixed an issue where some mowers in specific circumstances wouldn’t allow players to get on them 
  • Improved the likelihood of Ancient Britain contracts appearing in a player’s Career 
  • Fixed various third-person camera clipping issues 
  • Fixed an issue where too high a damage penalty might be given after a collision 
  • Re-balanced various Challenges 


  • Fixed an issue where a rogue menu could appear under certain circumstances on Windows 
  • Fixed an issue where the Scag V-Ride II prompt may have been impossible to dismiss 
  • Improved the functionality of backing through the New Career flow 


  • Resolved cloud saving issues on Windows 
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect background may display when in the garage 
  • Improved various object lighting 
  • Fixed an issue where grass bags appeared to be floating on some contracts 

December 20th 2021 – Patch Notes v

Hotfixes live on all platforms 

Please find our full list of fixes below: 


  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances litter contract rewards weren’t correctly awarded 
  • Updated some contracts where the camera may have clipped through terrain 
  • Updated some contracts where out of bounds could be visible in the distance 
  • Improved side discharge mower grass animation timings 
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial prompt wouldn’t disappear upon picking up and putting down a String Trimmer in quick succession 
  • Updated litter contract value consistency 
  • Fixed an issue where the purchase prompt wouldn’t disappear if the player exited the garage under certain circumstances 
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the space between the pickup truck and the house in Miller Brook Garden 


  • Fixed an issue where grass particle effects could appear in menus 
  • Updated messaging for hiring employees 
  • Improved messaging and functionality of the loan menus 
  • Updated contract name text to avoid text being cut off in certain languages 
  • Updated the pause menu to improve the look on ultrawide monitors 
  • Fixed an issue where selecting new languages may change core text under certain circumstances 
  • Updated the Contract preview to include attachments 
  • Improved the messaging on fuel used in challenges 
  • Improved the responsiveness of colour changes on the rev counter 
  • Fixed an issue where some String Trimmer information was not visible in the contract setup screen 


  • Setting audio to 0 and restarting the game now keeps audio at 0 


  • Fixed an issue where benches would spawn multiple times on two contracts 
  • Removed some graphical imperfections on brick walls in the Test Drive area 
  • Improved the front wheels of the Toro Groundmaster 3300 
  • Improved the look of the Toro 2000 

DATE – Patch Notes v.

  • Fixed an issue where mowers might lose functionality during mowing
  • Fixed an issue where an infinite load may occur when loading the Test Drive area
  • Improved legibility on 480p resolution screens
  • Fixed an issue where changing language in-game didn’t apply immediately
  • Fixed an issue where a tree had inaccurate collision
  • Fixed an issue where prompts were shown on the wrong grass incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate lighting may have occurred under limited circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with flickering lights and shadows may have occurred
  • Fixed an issue where changing the speaker mode reset all sound settings to default
  • Fixed an issue where bankruptcy warning messages were overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where the Groundmaster 3300’s steering wheel may have displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the first person camera would reset its position upon using ProView
  • Fixed an issue where cameras could clip through hedges, trees and buildings
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect litter contract rewards were received
  • Fixed an issue where the player avatar would not look left or right on the Scag V-Ride
  • Fixed an issue where grass occasionally would not deform as intended
  • All vehicles motor load rebalanced
  • All Career contract times updated to fit new strimmer gameplay loop
  • All Challenge times updated to fit new strimmer gameplay loop
  • Fixed a bug where the 3300 72″ deck was not cutting to the correct width
  • Fixed a bug where the 3300 72” deck castor wheels were not moving

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