Console Patch #1.4 - Notes

  • Fix Progression Issues

    1. Saving Issue
      • Vending machine wipe bug
        • Debug & find the root cause of the issue
        • Fix the root cause
        • If the root cause is too intricate or isn’t found, implement theplan b contingency fix.
    2. Balloon boomer not spawning issue.
    3. Challenge book tracking fix – QA & design fixes
  • Fix “Always Online” Issue

    • Make the login process smoother in general – QA & design fixes
      • E.g. Move EOS login prompt to when you actually press to play online.
    • Fix Infinite loading screen
    • Fallback for when user closes browser without answering the prompt
  • Bug fixes

    1. Crypt Vampire door Key unlock fix
    2. Out of bounds fix for sports area.
    3. Water & Electricity consistency fixes
    4. General bug fixing