Human: Fall Flat – Patch Notes

The Human: Fall Flat team is dedicated to making the Human experience the best it can be, to ensure this we release regular patches and hot fixes. Here you can find all recent updates as well as some FAQ's you may have!

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck at the first puzzle (PS5) 24/01/22
  • Fixed an issue where “Cast it into the fire” would not get awarded if completed in the starting area (PS5) 24/01/22
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong music playing (PS5) 24/01/22
  • Fixed the recent issue found in the Laboratory level where players were unable to open the door in the Cannon room, you should now be able to open the door and proceed with the level 21/11/21
  • Mac users will now be able to boot the game without any issue 17/11/21
  • Workshop package returned to player Human: Fall Flat folder 17/11/21
  • Visuals in the Lumber level, assets disappearing on the lowest shadow quality will no longer vanish, and fog will appear as it should 17/11/21
  • Symbol in the simplified & traditional Chinese name for Lumber that wasn’t appearing correctly, but has now been fixed 17/11/21
  • Fixed an issue with Unity layers which could cause assets to go invisible or lose collision on workshop levels 12/10/21
  • Resolved an issue with the MathAdd component not being hooked up correctly 23/09/21
  • Fixed an issue where some Steam Workshop levels would fail to load 07/09/21

Known Issues


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