Embr – Patch Notes


  • Launched on October 20th on all platforms 

Greetings Respondrs™! 

Our engineers over at Embr have been hard at work building you new upgrades, fixing up some issues, and making sure you stay as profitable as possible! And don’t forget to keep an eye on your clients around Halloween weekend. Our clients love to celebrate the spirit of Halloween with their skeletal costumes.  This update is now available on all platforms for all Embr Respondrs™.  

New content – all platforms: 

  • 3 new diamond tier tool Upgrades: 
  • Quantum Fire Extinguisher 
  • Spray through walls, clear hard to reach fires, and put out more fire with this well balanced, highly advanced upgrade 
  • Nearly Immovable Box 
  • Ever need a platform in a highly unlikely location? This box will sit wherever you put it, and won’t be moving anytime soon. Not even the laws of gravitation have power over you now Respondr! 
  • Burst Fire Ice Acceleratr 
  • Need to build an ice sculpture fast? Need to clear out some fire that your hose can’t reach quickly? Want to conserve some water? Then pickup the burst fire upgrade for the Ice Acceleratr, for faster, more efficient, more fun fire fighting! 
  • All clients are skeletons! From October 29th to November 2nd clients will be skeletons while alive! 

Performance improvements: 

  • Performance improvements for Xbox One Base and Xbox One S  
  • Improved performance on medium and high lighting settings for all platforms 

Gameplay – all platforms: 

  • District 2 boss difficulty has been decreased  
  • We’ve added some instructions to Escape Hotel 
  • We’ve added more options for controller aim settings 
  • Added control over the look acceleration
  • Added toggle to disable rotation speeding up when looking in the same direction 
  • Added control to add more deadzone to aim stick 
  • Slowed conveyor belts in Barrel Factory 
  • Modified the size of the barrels for the last puzzle in Barrel Factory  

Multiplayer – all platforms: 

  • Fixed an issue where fire VFX would flicker for the Guest  
  • Fixed an issue with Wayside Way where guests would spawn with missing health 

Other bug fixing – all platforms: 

  • [Community] Fixed an issue where players could fall through the rock on Rockside 
  • Fixed some miss-scaled windows and doors for Guests at the Douglas Street location 
  • [Community] Fixed an issue with Special Object particle effects being invisible in some instances  
  • Fixed an issue with the mutator Challenge where the “Microgravity” Mutator would cause Clients to flicker for Guests 
  • Fixed an issue with Schuldenberg Bank where the rescue mission was failing immediately for some players after specific steps  
  • Fixed an issue with the trampoline equipment where specific upgrades wouldn’t apply 
  • Fixed an issue with the Cheap Metal Box equipment where specific upgrades wouldn’t apply 
  • Fixed an issue with the Jump Pad equipment where specific upgrades wouldn’t apply 
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for some players to become stuck inside the floor on the stairs of the second floor of the Utica Ave location 
  • Fixed an issue where exterior and interior textures of the restaurant Crab n’ Go would disappear severely behind the building 
  • Fixed an issue where the UI message “Settings will be reverted in 15 seconds” would not properly display in Russian  
  • Fixed an issue where textures would disappear in the Hall of Fame corridor in Mysterious Signal from Embr HQ  
  • Fixed an issue within Wayside Way where certain areas of the building had misaligned textures 
  • Fixed an issue at Schuldenberg Bank where textures were disappearing for some players in the CEO office when standing on the windowsill of the barred window 
  • Fixed an issue with the Embr Career Fare where textures would disappear when entering the building after receiving the ladder 
  • Fixed an issue at the Whitehall Municipal LLC where some players were able to clip through walls near the spawning point 
  • Fixed the “Earning Your Tips” achievement 

Bug fixing – Steam: 

  • [Community] Speedrun mode will now correctly prevent daily/weekly goals from being completed 

Bug fixing – Stadia:  

  • Fixed an issue with Stadia controls where moves would be highlighted abruptly when trying to enter the Redeem Code 

Bug fixing – Xbox One: 

  • Stability improvements: fixed an issue where the game would crash after extended idle time 

Bug fixing – Nintendo Switch: 

  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the title would freeze for the Host upon pressing “invite to play” option when inviting more players than the set limit 
  • Fixed a UI issue where Gold coin wouldn’t display upon selecting “Next” on the summary screen before it fully loads 
  • Fixed multiple network issues that were occurring when switching “Create Crew” and “Join Crew” tabs rapidly 
  • Fixed performance issues where players would experience severe FPS drops after minimum objectives were fulfilled 
  • Fixed an issue with GasCampaign3 where the Fire bar would start at 30% of its full capacity 
  • Fixed an issue with GasCampaign3 where it was possible to fall OOB in the main entrance to the building 
  • Fixed performance issues in multiplayer for players experiencing lag upon entering the level 
  • Fixed an issue with the Mutator Challenge where the title would crash for guests on the last mission of a specific Mutator Challenge 

We are very grateful for all the love, support and feedback we have received since launch from the community and hope you will all continue to enjoy working as Respondrs™. 

Thanks for the love and support.