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Deep within a labyrinth and surrounded by vicious monsters, Explorers must depend on their Lasso to survive!

Capture and tame ANY monster to leap, glide, surf, tunnel and websling through a treacherous, patchwork maze. Only by collecting the island's many plants, minerals and creatures can you turn the power of nature back on itself!

While this roguelike/metroidvania mashup may seem cute and cuddly, beneath the surface lies a deceptively difficult bullet-hell challenge!
Patchlantis is a shuffling patchwork maze, full of dangers that can be transformed into your strength.
Lasso the monsters, tuning foes into allies
Gather fruits and blend them into ammo smoothies
Collect over 200 unique plants and minerals
Earn new exploration gadgets
Unlock gates and open shortcuts, and unravel the mystery of why Patchlantis fell
You’ll need to make use of everything you find to survive out here
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patch quest tame your monster mountstame your monster mounts
This island is crawling with dangerous monsters. Fortunately, you came prepared with your monster-taming lasso!

You can mount every monster in the game, and each species has a unique set of skills. Some of them can fly, or swim, or leap across hazardous terrain. And all of them can pack a serious punch in combat!
patch quest character buzzerker
can launch himself like a harpoon
patch quest character sandamander
can tunnel underground to safety
patch quest character torrentoise
has a hard, reflective shell
patch quest character combusdile
can breathe a shield of flames
patch quest character velostrich
has lightning-fast reflexes
As you ride and fight with them you’ll level up your affinity and gain new mount skills. You can even send your monster back to Base Camp, to keep as a pet. Level them up, and summon them while exploring the world.
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Once home to a lost civilisation, Patchlantis has now been fully reclaimed by nature. Fierce monsters, rugged terrain and booby-trapped ruins are all a fact of life, here. Even the island's patchwork terrain will get shuffled each night by a powerful storm!
Patchlantis is a vast, sprawling maze.
The best route through each region will shuffle every night. Expanding/consulting your map will give you the edge.
You can draw power from the mystical plants and ruins within the island, giving you buffs to help you on your way through the maze.
To reach its deepest corners, you’ll need to open gates, clear dungeons and unlock shortcuts.
Every single run will help you get a little bit stronger, until you can face even the toughest beasts and trickiest challenges.
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